With my book being out nearly a month now, I would imagine some folks are getting to the end. I would hope that people are enjoying the read. I would ask my fans and readers that if you complete it, and you want to say something, please do!

I do cringe a little on the inside when I think what people may end up saying about it. I think it’s only human for me to be nervous about public comments. Trolls are a very real thing in the expanse of the web. I have more confidence in this book, then I have ever had about anything in my life. So I say, bring it in.

I have begun writing The Red Queen, book 2, and that will be out January 2019. I ask only that people share their experience in reading this book. I am an Indie Author, I rely on word of mouth and friends, family and fans. I want to start this way and, more than likely, remain that way. Who knows what the future holds?

B. A. T.

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