The Zoo

Why go, I have a house full of animals. Something personal, not that I have to, but I like to.

Over the years, even when I was young, moving like a gypsy from place to place trying to live, we had a lot of pets. These things were literally everywhere. I think that kind of paved the way for me, later in life, to have animals. It teaches you, and your children, a lot of life lessons they wouldn’t know otherwise. It’s great and terrible. Anything born, dies, it’s just the rules.

We recently added Lulabelle, Lulu for short, to the mix. She was dropped off at a shelter in Georgia, I live in Tennessee. My wife of 22 years this month, decided she would drive that day, to the shelter to get her. Lulu was 14 years old. For someone to throw away an animal after caring for it for this long was just tragic. So, she is still with us, until it’s time. My wife and I will probably always save those that need it when we can. At her age, she gets around, the vet says she’s in good health for her age. I hope to give her a little solace and spoil the crap out of her for a bit.

I have a few more reviews, both 5 stars on my book. I will always try and at least acknowledge a review, regardless of where it comes from or what it says. I have to hear the bad, as well as the good, for me to get better. As always, and forever will be the case, I give my humble gratitude to my fans! Love ya!

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