Dead Wave 5×8

So after many days of trial and error, formatting is my nemesis, I have managed to work Dead Wave into a 5×8. I always loved being able to get books in different forms. Also, when I originally posted my pricing plan going forward, I made a commitment. I said I would get the ebook down to $3.99 and the print to $9.99. I tried, but I could not lower the cost of the print 6×9.

After this I decided I had to make a decision, how do I honor what I said? So, in that spirit, I started working on creating a 5×8 version. Although it took me several hours on several days, I made it work. I honored what I said and that is important to me. If I ever hope to have some steadfast fans, I have to keep my word and admit when I can not. Honesty and humility are two character traits I pride myself on.

I am completed with The Red Queen cover, working on it’s writing completion now. I am done with the first part, the rest is already mapped out in my Purgatory Encyclopedia. My pseudo-science works well, and I am able to call upon it at will when the time is right. I am excited about writing TRQ (The Red Queen), it’s going to be quite a bit stepped up in tempo. Dead Wave got you to the ride, prepare to get to the pinnacle, looking down that frightening drop into the Change of Hands. In the end, I hope you enjoyed the ride and stay tuned for our next installment…

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