Good morning, 

     I decided after going through the For Print of 5×8, that there were a few errors of formatting in the 6×9. I corrected things now, one of the great things I like about using the KDP. It has its downsides, but, when I need to correct something it’s easy to do. I won’t be making these types of mistakes in The Red Queen, I have learned a lot along the way. 

     I hope to receive a few of the 5x8s I owe to a few people. Without having a group or company behind me I am having to work hard to ensure I cover everything. Maybe in time, I will find a Literary Agent…I could really use one. 

     I am still intent on getting the audiobook completed by Syma Latif, just going to take a few months. This is going to cost a bit, and since being an Indie Author means you have to build your career slowly, over time, I don’t have it. I am going to get it done. I will not let that stand in the way of my writing career. This is without a doubt what I should be doing, I just have to prove it to the entire world, not too hard…

     I am working on The Red Queen, also, at the same time, working on finding a little extra income. I could really use a helping hand, however that may manifest. I truly appreciate all the Voracious Readers who decided to participate and get a read. I am always interested in constructive feedback and regardless of what the review is, meaning good or bad, I look forward to it. The January 2019 newsletter is something I am working on for those of the VRO, with a little more inside information.

     My New Years resolution, to complete The Red Queen, book 2 in the Naysayers Trilogy. Complete Change of Hands, book 3 in that trilogy. Complete Trip Down, the homage to Richard Adams book, Watership Down. By winter, I should have my first book in my new trilogy done. Four books a year, every year, for the next 56 books. After that, it gets a bit foggy…I will not let my fans down…

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