Parnassus Declined

     This was a tweet just minutes ago from me:

This was the message I received today: Unfortunately, we are unable to include it in our inventory. I want to thank them anyway for considering my book, I am undaunted and undeterred, The Red Queen out March 20, 2019…audio of Dead Wave may have to wait…

     I am still moving forward, this has left me a bit discouraged. I think I will probably hear “no” more often than I hear what I want. That is just how life works. However, this does have an impact. I was hoping that this would help me cover the cost of getting Dead Wave into audio. Setbacks are life, I will find another way.

     I have to take my attention away from my passion, my love, my purpose, in order to get to where I need to. I am still undaunted as I said, I will get it done. I will gather from a job somewhere, still looking locally. Right now, I have to switch gears for a small amount of time to get things where they need to be. To those that care, I hope you are patient. Things happen how they are meant to…

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