Audio of Dead Wave

Very shortly I will be getting a 5min audio sample from Syma Latif. I will, with her permission, share what I can if not all of it. Although I can not afford the cost of turning Dead Wave into an audiobook just yet, this may drum up some interest. If I can get enough interest that may allow me to pursue putting together a way for fans to assist.

I will discuss the costs further in another message, just so that I can be clear. I am super excited to hear my book and I know she is the clear choice for it. I will share more when I know more.

Writing has slowed, I am trying to find a job to assist my family more. I am still set to have The Red Queen out on Mar 20, 2019. I have to focus on finding a job first, hopefully, I can find one soon. I can easily do both the job and writing, it’s more of a boost for my thoughts to be working again. I need to feel like I am contributing more than I am right now, so, no worries. Thank you to all those that leave reviews and look forward to the next book!

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