The Red Queen, Book 2

My apologies to those following me, this last month wasn’t the best for me. I am now continuing to work on my next book. I have something lined up for work next month so that will also be nice. 
I am working to get The Red Queen edited and out by the end of April. Toni, my editor is tracking and had some life happen over the last month as well. My writing is important to me, but, I understand how life gets, what can happen, how it can impact people and family always comes first. I will get it completed soon! 
Syma keeps in contact with me now, awaiting the funds for the studio to produce the audiobook. I am still super excited to get this done, to be honest, it is going to run on the expensive side for production costs. I get it, but that will take me probably til June or past to collect enough. Time will tell. Hang in there, my folks!

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