5 Chapters In

At the bottom of this, I am going to post a rant about the VA. If you are not a Veteran, then dealing with them isn’t much of an issue. However, before I get to that, better news.

The Red Queen’s first part is done. I am still working on getting together enough funds to get my audiobook done for Dead Wave. That will run around $1,200-1,500. That is a lot for a guy with little income, bewildered by the VA, and fighting for every little inch of ground I can get. It wears you down.

That in mind, I will still get The Red Queen done by Spring. I will find a way to combat my mental health and all these other issues. I assure anyone reading this. The Red Queen is first, before any audiobook. I will also move right into the third book after TRQ is done.

I know I have mentioned before about hating the edit, format and publish dance. I don’t dance. I spent 6 1/2 hours yesterday morning just trying to fix the ebook for Dead Wave. Yes, so I have to, it’s required by my conscience to ensure my books are good. Being Indie means you do almost everything yourself. I feel for anyone that does this like I said, there is something wrong with Authors in the head to want to do this. Hang in there, you got this…

My rant from Facebook:

So, I am now working with the DAV in Nashville. Bare with me here because below is an issue I ran into when doing claims with the VA. This is a direct copy/paste from the website:

A note about consolidated claims

If you turn in a new claim while we’re reviewing another one from you, we’ll add any new information to the original claim and close the new claim, with no action required from you.

This has recently happened to me and the problem is this. What happens when the claim you filed, might take you 6-12 months to even get a decision, is paired with a claim that would be completed within a month? Now you have to wait on the first claim, 6-12months, instead of them handling the claims as they come in. My two claims were not related, completely separate and needed two timelines.

That is the definition of putting off what you could do today, to do it tomorrow. The fact that I don’t need them to do that, or want them to do that, has nothing to do with needing any action from me. Closing a claim is not making a decision, it doesn’t help anything.

Yes, it does need action, the action, NOT to move a short-time claim under a long-time claim. They could actually use their own system in place to gauge claims to avoid doing this. Just a thought…and rant…yes more of a rant…

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