Graphic Novel

     So after much contemplation, I have decided to move forward with turning Dead Wave into a graphic novel. This was from a great deal of encouragement from my betas. I am just in the beginning phases here creating storyboards, artwork and gathering dialog from the book. This is going to be done in four installments because I don’t want to try and cram everything in one book. The cost would probably be outrageous. I know this may run a bit more in general because of all the colors but I think it will be worth it. 

    I am still working on The Red Queen, at the same time so I am going to be super occupied and that sounds like something I need. Purpose gives me more mental health relief than any pill they could make.

    I am excited with the feedback I’ve been given but I do need more folks to leave a review. I can’t stress how important that is. Even if you’re giving me a 3 out of 5, or whatever you choose, I just want to know where to improve.

DWGN Tease


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