Status of Things…

I guess the point of having this kind of outlet, is to speak freely. My depression is still in full flare-up. I am still going to be moving forward with The Red Queen, and plan on having at least 3/4 of the full book to my editor by the end of the month.

The graphic novel is still on hold, as I am still working my blue-collar job daily. It would take too much time to complete at this point by myself. I also plan on having the audiobook completed by Spring 2020.

If you’re here reading these, thanks for stopping by. I have to thank my editor, she reminded me why I started doing this. I do it because it fits me like a glove. I write to escape my mind’s endless wandering. I love doing it because it makes me feel fulfilled. I may someday make this my full-time occupation, but only time and effort can make that a reality.  There is still more to come.

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