Although I loathe giving things labels and constrain something or someone’s abilities and whole self to such a small word, I had to. Before you get mad, hear me out. I did indeed move Dead Wave, and this series, from Fantasy-Dark Fantasy to Science Fiction. Horror will always be my number one motivation, but I have come to see my creation as the Frankenstein’s Monster. 

     I was interested in delving into a world I also loved along with Horror. Sci-Fi was potatoes to my meat. The “Bert” to my “Ernie”. I think I am looking for those fans. It develops that dynamic and I think suits it better. I will always write Dark, that’s just how I am. Since I am restricted from having more than two categories, I believe this to be the best match. I hope my fans understand and well, I think this is for the better.

     My first Newsletter should be coming out here towards the end of the month. It has grown ever so slightly. I am excited about doing this so I hope this rewards fans. I did allow them, just those few, 26 now 28, to download my ebook for free. No one knew of this and only they had the chance to tell whomever and get the book. This is the kind of thing I want to encourage and love to see folks involved. I didn’t announce it anywhere and just told them. Yes, I might have gotten more downloads or attention if I just threw it out there, but then, what would be the point of making and getting Voracious Readers? 

     The Red Queen is moving along and will be out by 20 March 2019, the first day of Spring 2019, as I promised. I know my pseudo-science well, I have no lack of material running at the mouth in my brain. It is my Mental Health, and to be painfully honest, finances that are holding the wheel. What I wouldn’t give for someone to take a chance on me. I will make this, just got to apply my patented work ethic. More to follow…

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